When schools flourish, all flourishes. - Martin Luther


Why a Lutheran School?

Every community needs students who are academically qualified and have learned to practice appropriate morality and respect. Since Lutheran schools accept students from all parts of the community, they can have a strong effect on the community itself.

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Get Connected!

Stay up to date with upcoming events and celebrations via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Preparing our students spiritually.

Faith is nurtured by daily proclamation of the Gospel, teaching children the Word of God and how to read and understand that Word on their own, and by modeling and challenging students to live the Christian faith.


it's still all about jesus

500 Reformation Celebration

For more than five hundred years ago, an Augustinian monk and professor objected to abuses in the Medieval Church. He probably didn’t know where his 95 points for debate would lead. Rather, seeing problems in his church, he sought to reform it from the inside. Sadly, his call to return to the teachings of Scripture—to the proclamation of salvation by grace, through faith in Christ and not by human works—was not always well received. But since the teaching came from Scripture, it endured.

The Reformation began on that day and quickly spread, affecting all Christian churches. Its effects continue today. The changes that it launched in church and in broader society were wide reaching. It is truly a historic event.


Excerpt from SPM Concordia University