Orange county lutheran schools

Who We Are.


We Provide Excellence in Education.

Orange County Lutheran Schools serve students at the early childhood, high school, and the university levels.  Each of these schools provides a rigorous academic program as well as a holistic approach to engage students in learning with creativity, care and a Christ-centered focus.


We Show and Teach the Love of Christ.

An environment grounded in Christ’s love and the open sharing of His Word provides a foundation of care and learning to benefit all students.  Through a Christ-centered education, students are equipped for the challenges in life will beyond their school aged years.

We Innovate.

With a high priority to equip students for future challenges, OC Lutheran Schools continually strive to meet the growing needs of students and the communities they serve.  Academics, academies, leadership, robotics, STEM or STEAM, service learning, missions, special services, performing and visual arts, blended classrooms, online learning and integration of appropriate educational technologies to enhance both teaching and learning allow students to explore and experience expanded educational opportunities to reach their full potential.

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